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A Man of Few Words But Many Stories

This is Mike. He is currently on security detail for a local power plant. He is also a husband, a father and happens to be a neighbor of mine. When this photo was taken it was near the end of his full time position as an officer for a local police department. He approached me, knowing I was a photographer and asked if I could shoot a picture of him next to his car. He wanted a memento from this part of his life. I think he imagined just a snap shot of himself next to his car. I had something a little more involved in mind.

To back up a few years, before Mike took the position as a police office, he did two tours fighting on behalf of our country in the middle east. Like many of our soldiers, he quietly served, doing tasks that are unimaginable to most of us. He spent many days in the desert, among other duties taking the lead to keep an eye out for the dreaded IED's that plagued the roads on which they traveled. As someone that hasn't been over there, I can't imagine what life must be like when hearing incoming fire is an every day occurrence.

Mike has endless stories about both his experience abroad as well as his time as a cop. Most of which will make you laugh while scratching your head, thinking "how the hell does that even happen?" or as the quote goes "you can't make this stuff up!".

Mike is a simple man. He doesn't ever ask for much. He loves his family, his country, Mt Dew and Superman. He's never complained about the time he served as a soldier or as an officer. So when he asked me about shooting a picture I knew he deserved something better than a snap shot. We worked together and created this parting shot. An officer, a soldier, a husband and all around good guy. The world needs more people like this one.

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