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So good at what he does, you can't believe it

This is a portrait of Chef Shane Pearson. He above anything else was an amazing chef. We have all eaten meals that have made us wish it would never end. Everything you taste is just incredible. This was the type of food Shane produced. Taking a life full of experience and then multiply it by a southern charm and consideration that just simply can't be faked, Shane was an amazing person to talk with. His approach to food blew so many minds. He would throw ideas out that seemed so sensible and delicious, yet you have never heard of them before then. For example making a shot that when you drank it, you tasted a full bite of an actual BLT sandwich washed down with a bloody mary. Who does that?

This photo was taken of Shane in a restaurant he owned with his wife Lori. This was a dream of theirs that they both approached with both of their hearts and all of their souls. As you may have picked up from my past tense in referring to Shane, he has passed away too soon. But you can still step foot into the dining room at Savor and get a feel for his soul in the food served there.

As those close to me know, I love food and I love to cook. I would sit and just listen to whatever crazy idea Shane had that day and be amazed. I eventually got up the courage to start asking questions, which Shane was more than happy to answer. It was funny because once you asked a question, you had to hold on and try to keep up. He would go into a level of detail about the best way to make something that you would later wish you had recorded the whole conversation for fear of missing any of it. Losing Shane was a huge loss to me and everyone that had a chance to meet him. He will always be missed. I cherish the time I spent in the kitchen with him and I feel honored in having had the opportunity to photograph Shane.

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