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This is the first post on this blog, seriously.

This is me, but different.

I've finally accepted a slowly learned truth. I'm pretty good at photographing people. This may sound arrogant or self praising, but if you knew me well you'd know its not. I'm not one to seriously brag on myself very often, at least not seriously. I joke, man oh man do I joke. But its rare I will say with an honest tone that I'm really good at something, other than eating maybe. I'm really good at eating. After years of doing commercial photography and using my techniques to make products look great, I've more and more used those skills to light people and make them look even better as well.

The thing that sets me apart when it comes to shooting people is that I instinctively know how to make people look their best. I know what to say or do to get them to show me a true emotion. Normally this is used to make them smile and have them appear naturally happy. There are also times when I make people look more confident than they may feel or more serious than they would otherwise. I can even make some of the sweetest people appear to be mean. More often than not though, I make them look like they would if they were caught just being their happy self.

A large number of my clients come in telling me how they hate to have their picture taken. I can do little but agree. It can be awful. I take the approach of sitting down and just getting to know each other and along the way, I'll take some pictures. Before they know it, I'm done and the shoot is over. Most don't even realize I've started shooting.

In these galleries you will find a sampling of the people I have photographed over the last few years. I've shot even more along with numerous products and other commercial shoots. If you need a good picture of yourself, I'd be happy to help you. This isn't just something I do, I do this because I'm very good at it. I hope to have a chance to prove it to you.

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